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A fun, safe and high-energy first experience of hockey.

Welcome to your new home for hockey!

The North Toronto Learn to Play program is one of the most comprehensive hockey skills programs in the country designed for our youngest players. It combines professional, caring instructors with the latest strategies and techniques to ensure your child has a fun, safe and high-energy first experience of hockey. It is the perfect launching pad for any young child who wants to progress into our community House League or competitive hockey programs.

Learn to Play 1 (born 2016-2017) For beginners and all children new to hockey. Register Now!

  • must be able to get up and down on their own, and at least shuffle along in skates freely
  • must be comfortable on the ice without a parent

Learn to Play 2 (born 2016-2017) For players who have completed LTP 1 or equivalents below. Register Now!

  • should be able to “run” or stride/skate freely around the ice
  • should have experience moving a puck with a a stick
  • must be comfortable on the ice without a parent.
  • Paid, professional instructors only. We have one of the few LTP programs in the City where only professional, and trained instructors are teaching your kids.  No parents are on the ice for these sessions.
  • Child-instructor ratio is typically 4 to 1 and never more than 6 to 1.
  • A variety of local arenas available which means less driving and more fun!
  • A fun combination of skills and small-area scrimmages.
  • Dynamic, progressive skill development program based on the latest recommendations of the Hockey Canada Long Term Player Development Model.
  • Age-appropriate equipment such as lighter, blue, 4oz. pucks, small nets and small-ice surfaces surrounded by soft, safe foam dividers.


What is the time commitment?

Learn to Play athletes participate in a 50-minute session each week, equaling approximately 20 sessions.

When does the season start and end?

Learn to Play sessions begin in October after Thanksgiving and end in mid-April.

Will there be sessions on holidays?

There are no sessions scheduled over major holidays (Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Family Day, Easter) or during the public school March Break.

& Fees

What are the benefits of LTP with North Toronto Hockey?

We have one of the few LTP programs in Toronto where only professional, trained instructors are teaching your children. We also offer a low instruction to child ration – never more than 6:1, with most classes at 4:1. All programs are run in local arenas close to our midtown community.

What about costs?

$675 for registrations June 7, 2021 and onwards, subject to availability.

What's included?
  • Approximately 19 weekly sessions with paid professional instructors.
  • Custom North Toronto-branded practice jersey
  • Welcome package and end-of-season souvenir with North Toronto-branded gear.
  • Session options at premier ice facilities in the midtown area including North Toronto Arena.



NT is proud to have the professionals from Canadian Pro Hockey Clinic on our team. CPHC has been an active, trusted and properly insured member of our hockey community since 1995. They know hockey and they know how to teach it to kids.

What skills will my child learn?

All sessions progress from simple basics to more coordinated skill sets. Within sessions, players are grouped according to ability to ensure adequate instruction and practice for each skill.

Skating skills progression: balance and agility, edge control, starting/stopping, forward skating and striding, backward skating, turning and crossovers.

Stick and puck skills progression: stationary puck control, moving puck control, stationary passing/receiving, moving passing/receiving, shooting.

Fun: Small area scrimmages and fun are also an important part of this program!

What equipment will my child need?

Once your child enrols in hockey, it will be important to properly outfit your player with the following mandatory equipment:


  • CSA-approved Helmet with wire face mask or plastic shield
    • Used helmets expire 6.5 years from date of manufacture. Check the labels if using.
  • Hockey Gloves
  • BNQ-Approved Neck Guard
  • Elbow Pads
  • Shin Pads
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Jock / Jill underpants with protective cup
  • Hockey Pants
  • Hockey Skates
  • Hockey Stick

While we show some equipment in NT colours, any colour (usually Black) is fine.


  • Long johns and a thin long sleeve shirt (or pajamas) under equipment will improve comfort and absorb perspiration.
  • Hockey equipment bag, skate guards, water bottle and stick tape.
  • Waterproof labels for all equipment as pieces can get mixed-up in the change room.

CPHC has been a trusted member of our hockey development community since 1995. They know how to teach and inspire our youngest players!

I’m ready!

Registration + Schedules

Registration Details

1 Each session costs $675. Just choose your preferred day and time from the list  and click on “Register Now” below.  Times are approximate and may be altered if required by arena procedures and flood schedules.

2 Learn to Play 1 and Learn to Play 2 Combined sessions are able to accommodate players in either skill category.

3 Sessions fill up quickly so your choice may not be available. If your chosen session does not have enough registrants to proceed,  you will be offered space in another open session prior to the season start.

4 If you wish to register in more than one weekly Learn to Play sessions please contact the Registrar directly .

Register Now!


SATURDAYS @ North Toronto Arena
9:00 am: Learn to Play 1 and Learn to Play 2 Combined
9:55 am: Learn to Play 1 and Learn to Play 2 Combined
11:00 am: Learn to Play 1 and Learn to Play 2 Combined
11:55 am: Learn to Play 1 and Learn to Play 2 Combined

SUNDAYS @ North Toronto Arena
11:00 am: Learn to Play 1 and Learn to Play 2 Combined
11:50 am: Learn to Play 1 and Learn to Play 2 Combined
12:40 pm: Learn to Play 1 and Learn to Play 2 Combined

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Our Sponsors

As with volunteers, our programs would be nearly impossible to run without the generous financial support of the businesses and individuals in our community. Please ensure that we reward them with our patronage whenever possible.

We’ll be updating this section with our 2020/21 season sponsors shortly. Stay tuned!

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