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Play Your Strongest Season Yet!

Ready to play? Us too! We’ve put together a series of videos to give you guidance on various techniques so you can work on your skills outside of regular practices. There is something for everyone, so let’s dive in!


How to put on hockey equipment
How to put on house league goalie equipment
How to figure out if you're left or right handed
How to hold your stick
How to hold your stick while skating

Handling 1

Body Position
How to stick handle
Stick Handling Practice
Stick handling with head up
Forehand & backhand
Drill: quick hands

Handling 2

Long & short stick handles
Long stick handles
Drills: wide stick handling
Extending our stick handle reach
Drill: short & long stick handling


Passing body position
Passing mechanics
Backhand passing
Partner passing


Wrist shot
Slap shot

Forward Stride

2 foot bubble
1 foot bubble
1 foot push & hold
Alternating leg push
Pumping arms with stick
Pumping arms

Edge Work

Inside edge
Inside edge extended


Crossover start

Backward Skating

2 foot bubble
1 foot bubble
Alternating legs
1 hand on stick

Turning Drills

Tight turns
Figure 8 drill
Turning in a circle

Pivots & Crossovers

Pivoting forward & backward
Forward crossover