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NTHA first Toronto hockey club to partner with Canadian Blood Services

We are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with Canadian Blood Services and the Hockey Gives Blood initiative for the upcoming North Toronto Hockey Championships games taking place over the next few weekends. As the first Toronto Hockey Club to host this initiative for our region, we take great pride in strengthening our community through this collaboration.  During and following the pandemic, the number of blood donors dropped significantly and North Toronto Hockey Association (NTHA) would like a play a role in helping to increase donor numbers.

We invite parents, volunteers, and players above the age of 17 to join us in donating blood and raising awareness for those in need across the country. By setting an example for future generations of hockey players, we demonstrate how teams can unite to save lives.

Join our team by signing up here: Because sometimes, it takes a team to save a life.  Once signed in, please book a time to donate blood on behalf of the NTHA team.  Our goal is to have 110 members donate blood!

During each championship weekend – April 6/7 (HL), April 13/14 (CDS) and April 20/21 (Select), a Canadian Blood Services representative will be present in the main lobby of the NT Arena to share information about blood donation, answer questions, and distribute Hockey Gives Blood swag. Not only will this initiative promote our North Toronto Hockey team, but it will also encourage friendly competition with other local Toronto hockey clubs.

Our donations will directly impact individuals like Gail Stewart, a stem cell recipient, cancer survivor, and hockey mom of four. You can read her inspiring story here:

As we strive to make a difference, let us remember the critical need for blood donations in Canada. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, every donor plays a crucial role in Canada’s lifeline of blood. With your participation, we can ensure that patients’ needs are met and that individuals like Gail receive the support they need to thrive.

Thank you for your commitment to our community and your willingness to make a difference. Together, we can show the true power of teamwork and compassion.