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“It’s not necessarily the amount of time you spend at practice that counts; it’s what you put into the practice.”
-Eric Lindros

Welcome to your home for competitive hockey!

Since 1965 our hockey club has provided this community’s more advanced players with the opportunity to represent North Toronto in the largest minor hockey league in the world: the GTHL (Greater Toronto Hockey League) or, simply, “the G.”

While the G is a major breeding ground for NHL talent – 2018 Stanley Cup Champion Tom Wilson is an NT alumnus! – it is also known as a crucible for developing the athletes and leaders of tomorrow in all areas of society.  GTHL hockey at North Toronto is both a fun and competitive experience where players will develop their skills to the highest level through practices and games against teams from all over the GTA. North Toronto GTHL teams regularly rank in the top half of their divisions and this past season, an incredible 17 out of 18 teams made the playoffs.

Quality coaching is essential to the success of our players and teams and this why NT is one of the only clubs in the city to have an in-house Coach Mentorship and Development Program designed to support all our coaches and team staff throughout the season.

The NTHA fields both “A” and “AA” teams in each age division from U10—U18. See below for information on tryouts and coaches. For information on a specific team, please contact the coach or

“This is the arena where I fell in love with the game of hockey. This is where I spent every day hoping I’d make it to the NHL. Walking through the doors you get all the old memories of being a kid here.”

–Tom Wilson, NT Alumnus and Stanley Cup Champion

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2022-23 North Toronto ‘A’ Tryouts

Age /CategoryDateLocationTimeTime
U10 A
Saturday, Sep 24Roding CC12:00 PMBrett McIntosh
Sunday, Sep 25UCC Wilder, Eaton Rink8:00 AM
Tuesday, Sep 27RINX, Rink 26:00 PM
U11 A
Saturday, Sep 24RINX, Rink 15:15 PMBrendan Barry
Sunday, Sep 25UCC Wilder, Eaton Rink9:00 AM
Tuesday, Sep 27RINX, Rink 36:15 PM
U12 A
Saturday, Sep 24RINX, Rink 42:00 PMBrendan Barry
Sunday, Sep 25UCC Wilder, Mara Rink9:30 AM
Wednesday, Sep 28RINX, Rink 26:00 PM
U13 A
Saturday, Sep 24Roding CC1:00 PMMike Milne
Sunday, Sep 25UCC Wilder, Eaton Rink1:00 PM
Wednesday, Sep 28RINX, Rink 27:00 PM

2022-23 North Toronto ‘AA’ Tryouts

Age /CategoryDateLocationTimeTime
U10 AA
Saturday, Sep 17North Toronto Arena8:00 AMGreg Kent
Sunday, Sep 18North Toronto Arena8:00 AM
Tuesday, Sep 20Roding CC6:00 PM
U11 AA
Saturday, Sep 17North Toronto Arena9:30 AMDaymon Loeb
Sunday, Sep 18North Toronto Arena9:30 AM
Tuesday, Sep 20RINX, Rink 26:00 PM
U12 AA
Saturday, Sep 17North Toronto Arena11:00 AMJohn Harlow
Sunday, Sep 18North Toronto Arena11:00 AM
Wednesday, Sep 21RINX, Rink 26:00 PM
U13 AA
Saturday, Sep 17North Toronto Arena12:30 PMMarc Ihamaki
Sunday, Sep 18North Toronto Arena12:30 PM
Wednesday, Sep 21RINX, Rink 27:00 PM


"A" Coaches
U10, 2013

Brett McIntosh

U11, 2012

Brendan Barry

U12, 2011

Brendan Barry

U13, 2010

Mike Milne

U14, 2009

Greg Kent

Jonah Goodman

U15, 2008

Michael Schrenk

U16, 2007

Sean McNamara

U17, 2006

Michael Dymond

U18, 2005

Jason Elmaleh

"AA" Coaches
U10, 2013

Greg Kent

U11, 2012

Daymon Loeb

U12, 2011

John Harlow

U13, 2011

Marc Ihamaki

U14, 2009

Michael Anderson

U15, 2008

Bobby Nicholson

U16, 2007

Brody Power

U17, 2006

Andrew Carrington

U18, 2005

Mike Synarski

Schedules & Scores

Please click the following link to access schedules and scores on the  GTHL Gamecentre .

Code of Conduct

The well-being of our players is paramount at North Toronto Hockey. Please review our Code of Conduct to ensure compliance for both you and your child.

Refund Policy

View the Policy

With the current uncertainty due to Covid-19, NTHA has implemented a new refund policy for this session.

  • If the program is shut down for public health reasons, we are still obligated to fulfill our contractual obligations, and we cannot guarantee a refund.
  • Should we be unable to provide a program, NTHA reserves the right to cancel the program and provide the participants a partial refund.
  • There will be no refunds for missed ice times due to illness or injury.

At all other times, you must notify the Registrar via email ( about your intent to withdraw and to request any refund, if applicable. Authorized refunds will be issued within 30 days of receiving written notification.

Players who are on a Wait List, or who otherwise have their registration declined because their division/session is full will receive a 100% refund (however no refund will be provided until an official request to withdraw is received by the Registrar.)

Prior to August 1st, players may withdraw and receive a refund of any fees paid minus the $125 deposit, which is not refundable.

From August 1st – Sept. 15th, there is no refund available unless:

  • Your player’s division/session has an active Wait List and your players’ spot is replaced by a new registrant from that list by Sept. 15. In this case, the refund will be for any fees paid minus the $125 deposit, which is not refundable.

After Sept. 15th, there is no refund available.

Exclusions and Exceptions

  1. Players registered in U10-U18 (b.2003-2011) House League may receive a refund as follows:
    1.  The player is carded to a North Toronto “A” or “AA” team (100% refund)
    2. We receive confirmation from the GTHL that the player has been carded on a “A”, “AA” or “AAA” team at another club, within 4 days of the end of the corresponding tryout window, and BEFORE the player confirms acceptance of a roster position on a North Toronto Select team (a refund minus the $125.00 admin. fee).
  2. Any player that accepts a roster position with a North Toronto Select team following the last tryout session OR any player that accepts an invitation to a Red or Green CDS team tryout, and subsequently wishes to withdraw from House League at any time after will receive no refund.
  3. According to GTHL Rules 7.11 & 7.12, you may be registered with only one hockey club/association at any given time in the Hockey Canada Registry. Any player found to be registered with multiple clubs/associations and who chooses to withdraw from North Toronto will be subject to the above refund conditions, including the $125 non-refundable deposit.
  4. No refunds will be issued due to:
    1. Players not passing virus screening protocols such as thermal scans, questionnaires or any other required protocols.
    2. Players not following mandatory isolation rules and protocols before, during and after any on-ice activities.
  5. After the season start (as defined by the first scheduled and publicly posted on-ice session) the North Toronto Hockey Association reserves the right to determine how much refund, if any, may be owing as a cause of:
    1. Any level of government, their corresponding health authorities, or our hockey governing bodies issuing unforeseen lockdown/isolation directives that prevent us from delivering our programming as promised.
    2. Any ice facilities becoming unusable temporarily or permanently due to any virus-related closures, fire, mechanical failure, labour disruption or weather-related events.
    3. Any player who withdraws their participation voluntarily or involuntarily for any reason, including quarantine/isolation orders, illness/injury, the results of virus testing/screening, and other virus-related conditions.
  6. The NTHA reserves the right to modify all programming at any time in response to local virus outbreaks, virus-related directives from government, our hockey governing bodies, and our arena suppliers. Such modifications may include but are not limited to:
    1. Reductions in the number of players on the ice or a reduction in ice time.
    2. Changes to the times and/or location of program sessions.
    3. Substituting hockey skills sessions for competitive games.
    4. Temporary cancellations of program sessions as required.

Players Wanted!

DivisionCategoryContactPositionPlayer wantedImport spot available?
U14AGreg Kent
Jonah Goodman
U18AAMike Synarski syner_83@yahoo.caForward2Yes
U14AAMichael Anderson michael@andersonhaulage.comDefencemen1No
U15AABobby Nicholson
U16ASean McNamara

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As with volunteers, our programs would be nearly impossible to run without the generous financial support of the businesses and individuals in our community. Please ensure that we reward them with our patronage whenever possible.

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