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NTHA Member Code of Conduct

The following Code of Conduct applies to all Members affiliated with the North Toronto Hockey Association (NTHA) who are registered or active for the current hockey season including:

  • players,
  • parents and legal/de facto guardians such as aunts, uncles, grandparents,
  • coaches, assistant coaches, managers, trainers, rostered volunteers,
  • referees and off ice officials,
  • other volunteers,
  • board members, and
  • paid employees or affiliates.

This Code of Conduct and its sanction provisions will be in force for all Members during their affiliation with the NTHA as defined by:

  • the Hockey Canada registration status as a player, team official or parent/guardian or,
  • in the case of board members/employees, by their tenure or contracts dates as applicable.

All Members so defined are:

  • required to act in accordance with the provisions in the Code of Conduct, and
  • agree to abide by any disciplinary actions as determined through the NTHA Discipline/Dispute Resolution protocol up to and including, suspension or revocation of membership and associated rights and privileges.

All members and participants of the NTHA shall conduct themselves at all times in a manner consistent with the values of the NTHA, which include integrity, sportsmanship, honesty, respect, compassion, and fairness. During the course of all NTHA activities and events, members and participants shall avoid behaviour which brings the NTHA or the sport of hockey into disrepute, including but not limited to:

  • Use of alcohol by minors and abuse use of alcohol by other members,
  • Use of non-medical drugs,
  • Use of abusive language,
  • Objectionable conduct,
  • Any disparaging comments or conduct which undermines the integrity of teammates, parents, opponents, officials, coaches, sponsors, or the NTHA and its Board either verbally, in writing or through email, social media, Teamsnap and all other digital platforms.

In particular, all members will refrain from:

  • Disrespectful, offensive, abusive, racist or sexist comments and behaviour,
  • Harassment and bullying,
  • Abusing/damaging the property of hotels, rinks, restaurants and any other facilities used in connection with NTHA activities,
  • Physical/sexual abuse or assault. (These behaviours should be reported immediately to law enforcement.)

Further, all Members shall refrain from the following at all times, whether or not they are participating in NTHA activities:

  • Copying or affixing any of the NTHA logos or recognizable marks to any apparel or product outside of the NTHA-approved supplier channels without prior written consent from the NTHA President or Board of Directors;
  • Using the NTHA logo, colours, jerseys or recognizable marks for any commercial, personal or political reason whatsoever without prior written consent from the NTHA President or Board of Directors;
  • Using NTHA jerseys/socks in any exhibition game or tournament not sanctioned by Hockey Canada or the GTHL including, but not limited to, spring hockey leagues;
  • Use of any NTHA sponsor logos/names/marks for any purpose whatsoever without written consent from the owner;
  • Speaking for, or on behalf of, the NTHA with public media outlets (broadcast and digital) without prior written consent from the NTHA President or Board of Directors.

Players, during the course of all NTHA activities and events wherever they may occur, shall:

  • Make a commitment to their team to attend all practices, games, meetings, special events, and by playing to the best of their ability;
  • Respect their coaches and team staff, and remember that coaches and team staff are volunteers providing participants with the opportunity to learn and play the game of hockey;
  • Respect the safety of other participants by observing and following the rules of the game; and
  • Respect officials and their decisions;
  • Never leave an arena or hotel while away from home without permission and notification of the coaching staff;
  • Adhere to team curfews and abide by all local laws.

Parents and guardians during the course of all NTHA activities and events wherever they may occur, shall:

  • agree to pay all fees as required by the NTHA and/or Team Manager on the schedule requested and to immediately notify the appropriate NTHA representative if alternate financial arrangements are necessary;
  • Enroll their children for the pure enjoyment of the game and the opportunity to learn the skills of the sport;
  • Recognize that at a hockey rink, their children’s development is in the hands of volunteers who are giving their time and energy for the sake of all participants;
  • Respect the decisions of the coaches and team staff at all times;
  • Encourage their children to play by the rules and to resolve conflicts without resorting to hostility, profanity, verbal or physical violence;
  • Never verbally abuse volunteer coaches, team staff or officials nor undermine them by contradicting, interfering, or questioning their character, motivation, or judgment in public;
  • Acknowledge that they remain responsible, as parents and guardians, for the safety of their children while they are participating in NTHA activities and will therefore do their part to protect and enhance the safety of their child and others;
  • Communicate concerns and attempt to resolve conflicts directly with the coaching staff and in accordance with the NTHA Complaint/Dispute Resolution protocol;
  • Agree to accept all responsibility, including any monetary costs, for any player who is sent home from an away tournament as a result of violating team rules/curfews and/or any laws in the tournament jurisdiction.

Coaches and team staff, during the course of all NTHA activities and events, shall:

  • Be reasonable when scheduling games and practices, remembering that players have other interest and obligations;
  • Teach players to play fairly and to respect the rules, officials, opponents and teammates;
  • Remember that players play to have fun and must be encouraged to have confidence in themselves;
  • Ensure that all players receive equal instruction, support and appropriate, fair playing time;
  • Remember that participants need coaches and team staff who model respectful behaviour;
  • Be generous with praise and set a good example;
  • Recognize that, as coaches and team staff, they are in a position of trust and power, and shall do nothing to take advantage of it;
  • Be well prepared, adequately skilled and obtain training and certification as required by the Hockey Canada, Ontario Hockey Federation, Greater Toronto Hockey League, North York Hockey League and/or NTHA as applicable;
  • Refrain from ridiculing or yelling at players for making mistakes or for performing poorly;
  • Refrain from addressing players of an opposing team except to provide positive encouragement or congratulations;
  • Take reasonable steps to ensure that equipment and facilities are safe and appropriate to their players;
  • Cooperate with officials and address them and coaches of opposing teams only in a civilized and respectful tone;
  • Encourage fair and open communication with parents and players and proactively address and seek to resolve all issues and conflicts directly with parents and players and report all material issues and conflicts to the appropriate Division General Manager or Chair.
House League Regular Season Rules and Regulations
Discipline & Dispute Resolution

Concerns relating to officials should be submitted by email to the NTHA  Referee in Chief.

The North Toronto Hockey Association (NTHA) is committed to treating all our members with respect and consideration and in turn expects that all players, coaches and adults affiliated with our hockey club will abide by the NTHA Code of Conduct. Occasionally, however, circumstances arise where members feel they have been harmed or otherwise treated unfairly. In those circumstances we encourage members to:

  • raise their concerns first at the “ice” level (players, parents, coaches, convenors)
  • elevate the concern to the Chair/GM of the relevant division (Learn to Play/House League, CDS/Select, GTHL) if it is not resolved to the member’s satisfaction; and
  • further elevate the concern to the President of the NTHA if, after intervention of the division Chair/GM, the concern remains unresolved.

It is important to address concerns quickly. However, like most youth sports, hockey is an emotional game. If the concern arises in the context of a game or practice situation, we encourage parents, players and coaches to follow the “24 hour rule”, and wait 24 hours before raising their issues because emotional discussions immediately following games are rarely productive.

Any incidents involving physical/sexual abuse and assault should be reported immediately to law enforcement.

Discipline Committee & Process

If a member (player, parent, coaching staff, or other volunteers/employees) acts in a manner inconsistent with the NTHA Code of Conduct, the NTHA Board may convene an ad hoc disciplinary committee to investigate the incident(s), and to implement sanctions where appropriate. The Discipline Committee shall be composed and administered as follows:

  • The President, or his/her designate, as Chairperson, (ii) the Chair/GM of the division in question (House League, CDS/Select, GTHL) or their respective designates; (iii) the Referee-in-Chief, or his/her designate, or (iv) other elected Board members as needed.
  • All persons affiliated with the North Toronto Hockey Association, whether as player, team official, other volunteer or employee, are subject to the discipline process.
  • In all cases where a person is ejected from a game, is suspended, or may be guilty of conduct unbecoming a person affiliated with the Association, the Referee, Referee-in-Chief, Convenor or Director responsible shall forthwith refer the matter to a member of the Discipline Committee who shall thereupon report the matter to the President or the Vice-President. Notwithstanding the foregoing, an incident involving persons in the GTHL Division shall be dealt with by the Discipline Committee only if such incident is referred to the Discipline Committee by the President or by any member of the GTHL Committee. The President, or in his/her absence, the Vice-President, shall thereupon promptly convene a hearing before the Discipline Committee to review the matter.
  • The President or his/her designate shall notify the person(s) concerned in advance by email of the date, time, place and subject matter of the hearing within 7 days of receiving a notice of complaint.
  • The procedure to be followed at hearings shall be determined by the Discipline Committee and a quorum for all hearings shall consist of at least three members of the Discipline Committee. The hearing shall be conducted informally. The person concerned may attend with representation. The Committee may proceed in his or her absence. The Committee shall receive all reasonably reliable information. The Chairperson may, in his or her discretion, adjourn the hearing for the purpose of obtaining additional information.
  • Within 72 hours of the conclusion of the hearing, the Committee shall forthwith deliver its decision. The Committee may impose additional penalties or relieve against penalties already imposed in accordance with the rules, regulations, and guidelines of the GTHL and NTHA in force from time to time.
  • All suspensions may be adjusted by or appealed to the Discipline Committee. If the Discipline Committee imposes a suspension of 7 games or more, the person concerned may appeal to the Board of Directors at the next regular meeting or one scheduled for that purpose. The decision of the Discipline Committee is stayed pending that appeal. The Directors who participated in the hearing before the Discipline Committee shall not participate in the appeal. A quorum shall consist of a majority of the Directors eligible to participate in the appeal.
  • In an appropriate circumstance, the President or Vice-President may, without a hearing, impose an immediate suspension of up to 7 days pending a hearing of the Discipline Committee.
  • If the person concerned is suspended for one year or more, the Committee shall inform the Registrar, and the records noted accordingly.

In all cases, the NTHA reserves the right to remove individuals from active involvement in any association hockey activities at its sole discretion.

Appeals of a decision made by the Board of Directors may be submitted in writing to the GTHL through its complaint resolution process which may be found at

House League Attendance Policy

House League Attendance Policy