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This shows the relationship between youth hockey and the coronovirus pandemic in with visual humor

Important: COVID-19 Update

Yesterday the GTHL released a substantially revised and expanded Return to Hockey Framework that lays out in detail the outlines timelines, protocols, and procedures for the 2020-21 season that will apply to Learn to Play, House League, CDS/Select and GTHL competitive hockey.

We are now tasked with fully understanding the requirements and designing workable programs around them. You should also know that we are collaborating with our neighbouring hockey associations to share best practices and find any potential areas of collaboration if possible.

As discussed before, this process will take some time and cannot be done in any detail until after we receive our ice allotments from the City of Toronto so I ask for your patience.

Please note that under this Framework:

  1. The projected start date for on-ice activity is early October but this date is still “TBD” and all plans are subject to change and revision as the situation evolves.
  2. There will be no tryouts or traditional competitive programming for CDS/Select/GTHL until after Dec. 1.

On a positive note, the GTHL has moved the date for the potential return to “normal” hockey to Dec. 1. 2020 if conditions allow it (previously it was Jan 1. 2021).

To read the full document you can visit:

As always, please feel free to email any questions or concerns.

Claudio Tarulli, President
North Toronto Hockey Association
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