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For U7 Parents

Hello U7 Parents.

I have had many inquires with respect to those parents who have children in the U7 group. Many felt that their children were not ready for the U7 level of hockey as they have either not been on the ice prior or missing the previous year set them back.
I completely understand everyone’s concerns.

For this exact reason, we have worked with CPHC who run our skills program to put together a robust program to heavily focus on skill development for all the players, but specifically the 2015’s.

We have scheduled the program so that the first 4-6 weeks will be two (2) sessions of skills instead of one (1) skills session and one (1) game per week. We are confident that this will help get the kids back up to speed. These skills sessions are run by the same group of instructors that run the LTP program for us and the skills sessions for the U7 group will be run the same as the LTP sessions.

We will evaluate their progress and slowly start to introduce games when we feel the group is ready. Keep in mind these are not full ice games, these are cross ice, small area games so that all the players can be involved, regardless of the skill level. We also plan to run skills in the middle area of the ice while the cross ice games are going on, so if a player is really struggling, they can work there instead.

Please rest assured that your child will not fall behind, the instructors that we work with are excellent, and make sure they’re working with all the players. If there is ever an issue, you can email me directly.

By having two (2) sessions a week, it gives you twice the flexibility as if you can’t make one day, hopefully you can make the next. Plus, it gives you twice the development opportunities, at the same cost.

An added bonus to U7 is that we welcome parents to volunteer with their players. There are many roles to choose from. If you are interested please visit the volunteer page or email Lorene Nagata at

The tentative times are as follows:

Saturdays at NT Arena
7 or 8 am

Sundays at UCC
8 or 9 am

Thank you.
Troy Whetstone
Head of House League


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